Jenna: Why I Like

I like doing family blogs because I like writing things.  And drawing pictures.  I love typing on the computer and when people see all about us.  I love thinking about my life.

About the drawing: Mom asked me to draw a picture about myself for the blog. There’s a little groundhog because it’s Groundhog Day (no other reason than that’s what I wanted to draw). In the background is my school, Fairfield. That’s me behind the cat. I drew the cat because I thought it would look nice in the picture. His owner is halfway off my drawing. It’s spring, that’s why there’s both snow, a little bit of leaves on the trees and flowers. I like rainbows.

3 thoughts on “Jenna: Why I Like”

  1. You have so many interesting components in your wonderful drawing, Jenna. I like rainbows, too, but they don’t often appear without clouds nearby. :)

    I look forward to reading your future posts and seeing the pictures you make for our blog. It should be a lot of fun.

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