Brent: Why I Like

My hope for is that it helps us connect with family and friends, tightens the bonds we have with each other and provides a place for the girls to share their creativity with others.

It’s ours. And it’s better than an annual Christmas card. This long-term project is for us but we enthusiastically welcome participation from others. If you have ideas and suggestions please send us an email or leave a comment.

The plan is to have weekly post assignments for the family. We will also be posting whenever else we have something to share (drawings, videos, audio recordings, recipes, pictures, announcements, travelogues, poetry, book reviews, links and stories). With five people regularly posting it should always be fresh.

Anybody can comment on posts (please do!) but all comments will be moderated. Kirsten and I will work hard to keep the site clean and safe.

We hope you enjoy our newly revamped site. Please add our post feed or comment feed to your favorite aggregator and our link to your blogroll.

One thought on “Brent: Why I Like”

  1. You guys are awesome. This is inspiring me to start a blog, although it probably won’t ever happen. ;-)

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