Hayley: Why I Like Danley.org

I like the family blog because our friends and cousins, and even other people can know more about us. I like putting pictures on and writing about things I do in my life. I want people to know about my favorite things.

About the drawing: Mom asked me to draw a picture about myself for the blog. That’s me at Fairfield School. We’re lining up. I’m the caboose, that’s why there isn’t anybody behind me. In the foreground is our playground.

3 thoughts on “Hayley: Why I Like Danley.org”

  1. I think it’ll be a great place for your friends and cousins to find out all about you, Hayley. Nice picture here. I especially like the gift being carried aloft by the pretty balloon. Oh, and the smiling sun. :)

  2. Hayley, I like your blog too! Normally I get to see lots of photos of your family on flickr but it will fun reading what you write here.

    I like your drawing. Is the school really on top of a hill, or just in your picture? I like it that way. Do you really have a stripy rainbow dress you wear to school?

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