Brent: Thanksgiving

I like St. Patrick’s Day because it’s a time to drink beer, pinch people and have a parade. I don’t like most holidays because they’re all about food and getting stuff. Aren’t we fat enough already? And don’t we have enough crap stuffed inside our about-to-be-foreclosed McMansions?

Seriously, the traditions of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s Day and wedding anniversaries are for stupid people and invented by marketers. I’d rather not.

Does that make me a curmudgeon? Getting together with family is wonderful. So is football. But I could do without the feast.

5 thoughts on “Brent: Thanksgiving”

  1. Oh, Brent. You’re so cantankerous! :-)

    I pretty much agree with what you’re saying; it’s certainly logical. I don’t believe in being a slave to “tradition” (at least not someone else’s invented tradition). However I have to admit I’m a little sentimental sometimes and look forward to those traditions that are meaningful, enjoyable, and make sense.

  2. Curmudgeon. What an AWESOME word! My favorite word of the week is “hugger-mugger.”

    PS–I wish we could just go out to eat tomorrow, but in a fit of insanity, invited friends over. I love holidays for the time with family part, but the whole “you must do this because it’s tradition” is not me anymore. I want to make traditions that fit our family and like you and Kirsten have said–less food, more fun! I loved it all until I was the one who had to do the cooking! :-) Does that make me a curmudgeon too? If so, bring it on!

  3. @Jodi – Great comment! I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday.

    @Kim – She is a terrific cook, but after years of me complaining about her cooking too much, she’s scaled back quite a bit. For that I am thankful. A sedentary body requires very few calories.

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