Skye: Thanksgiving


One sunny day Albert Turkey was in his garden picking his vegetables for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was his favorite holiday but it was hunting season. That meant every turkey would have to hide or they were dinner for complete strangers. He was the smartest turkey. He knew good hiding places and could predict the future.

That evening he made a Thanksgiving feast and hid it in the place he was hiding for hunting season. That night as he ate his dinner he thought about his dead wife and how she died because of hunting season. As he lay in bed he heard screaming of other turkeys and bombs and bullets being blasted.

The next morning he found babies scattered all over the place wounded. His Thanksgiving plans were always ruined.[Okay it wasn’t the best holiday ever.] He always found a mess of blood and bones outside his door at Thanksgiving time.

During the day Albert thought of an idea. He was really smart so he could spell and build. He built a fence so people would keep out. Then, he wrote “Stay out.  From:the president”. After that, he taped it to the fence and no one was ever shot again. He had the best Thanksgivings ever and had his family come over for every one. He of course shared the idea with every turkey in the world.


About the drawing: The red blobs are the pools of blood. The little turkey crying is a wounded baby. On the lower-left is Albert’s hole. He doesn’t want anybody to go in it. The light bulb above Albert’s head is because he has a good idea. In the background is the idea he had of making a fence and putting a sign. So, it basically tells about my whole story.

5 thoughts on “Skye: Thanksgiving”

  1. I feel so sorry for Albert. What a terribly gruesome holiday! At least he figured out a great way to keep everyone safe. Does this mean you won’t be eating any turkey on Thursday? I don’t know if I can…what if it’s Lucy?

  2. I am a dork. I just realized you never actually said what Albert’s wife’s name was. Why did I think her name was Lucy?

  3. Wow, Skye. That’s quite a gruesome, yet very unique story! I like Albert’s great idea. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Loved it, Skye. Albert was certainly smart and caring. How kind of him to save all the world’s turkeys from dastardly hunters.

    Why did the parents let their young turkeys out at night by themselves?

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