A Typical Saturday

I didn’t have to work Saturday, which is unusual. The rest of the day was pretty normal. We visited the bookstore and the library. Then we went to Target for some essentials we had been putting off. In the evening Kirsten made cookies. As usual, I stole some of the dough. After the girls went to bed Kirsten and I made a $5 repair to save a $100 blender. Aren’t we boring? We love us, though.

The girls at Portland Public Library

Kirsten the Intellectual

Some light reading

Waiting in the car

Want some cookie dough?



5 thoughts on “A Typical Saturday”

  1. Thanks for posting these Brent. I LOVE the one of you reading. It’s hilarious! You crack me up.

    A little explanation about the cookie dough…

    Every single time I make cookies, Brent swipes a ball of dough off the cookie sheet when I’m not looking. I’m constantly suspicious and alert when he’s around while I’m making cookies, but somehow he always sneaks it successfully. He’s so stealthy!

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