Hayley and Daddy Go To War


At Hayley’s recent parent/teacher conference we were told Hayley likes to play “compare”. It is a card game in which the students each flip a card and the student with the higher card gets them both. It’s a lot like the familiar card game War. So, today, I taught Hayley how to play War. And she beat me.

Good job, Hayley. I had a lot of fun with you. You were very fast at determining which was the higher card. Mrs. Arnold is correct, you are competitive!

5 thoughts on “Hayley and Daddy Go To War”

  1. Great picture! I like your background. I really enjoyed watching Hayley play.

    She was very good at explaining and teaching me how to play her “Compare” game yesterday.

  2. I agree with you Kirsten, love the background!

    Mike just commented behind me “it’s all about luck”….

  3. @Mike – “it’s all about luck” Because the cards are shuffled? I agree. But it is possible to make a prediction about who will win at the outset if you could see the cards. Skye and I had a lengthy discussion about this last night.

    There is no strategy involved, which is what I think you mean. It’s great for practicing numeral recognition and greater-than-less-than comparisons.

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