Our Thanksgiving

Ok, so we didn’t watch the parade and we didn’t put together a jigsaw puzzle.  And I cooked a modest traditional Thanksgiving feast…without the stuffing.  What can I say, I was craving the after-Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches and looking forward to the other usual leftovers we could eat for the entire next week.  I admit that since I’ve been busy with school and work, I’ve kind of missed cooking.  But mostly, I wanted to have the opportunity to spend quality time with each of the girls and have them cook with me.

Hayley loves corn and asked to help me with the corn casserole.  She enjoyed chopping the onion with the food chopper until it made her “cry.”  She also helped me make the pumpkin pie filling.  I invited Jenna to help me make the potato-chive monkey bread rolls.  She was fascinated when she saw how the dough had risen and I explained to her the process.  Skye helped me with the pie crust and the mashed potatoes, which is a favorite of hers.

Hayley asked me last week whether we were going to shoot a turkey, buy a turkey, or just have chicken.  She loves chicken.  According to her, however, turkey does NOT taste just like chicken as I told her.  Turkey is “kind of good and kind of gross.”  The girls were a bit disgusted at first by the uncooked bird, especially when I animated it for them.  Then they were intrigued by it and Skye wondered where all the organs were.  She had studied the body systems last year in school.  They were not particularly excited about eating the gravy when they discovered it actually came from the turkey drippings.

We all sat together in the evening to play Uno H2O.  It’s the waterproof Uno card game.  I don’t know why we purchased waterproof cards.  Perhaps we could use them at the beach or the pool.  All the girls were quick to understand the game and had no trouble playing independently.  They got a little competitive, but there were no tears.  Everyone really seemed to have a good time.  I think it was a great day spent together.

4 thoughts on “Our Thanksgiving”

  1. Uno H2O is a different game than the original Uno. Besides having transparent cards, which are wicked cool, they have “Wild Downpour” cards which, when played, all the other players must pick up the number specified on the card. It’s a fun twist. Did I mention the transparent cards?

  2. I like how you explained it all. That day was very fun. You bake really good. All the food was good. I enjoyed learning the game UNO. It was fun to play. It is my number one *wink wink* favorite game. I had a very fun day. I LOVE YOU MOMMY!!

  3. What a wonderful family day, and I wish I could have been there with you. I miss you all so much. What a great thing to have the girls involved and helping. Did Jenna eat the food she helped to prepare? I love you all

  4. I love you too Skye! I enjoyed spending time with you.

    Mom, it would have been fun to have you here! Yes, Jenna did “try” all the food. That is always what is expected of the girls. She didn’t care for it though. When we discussed what we were all thankful for she said “I’m thankful for lots of things. But I’m not thankful for Thanksgiving dinner.”

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