Jenna: Festibond 2008

Yesterday we had Festibond. For breakfast we went to Eggspectations. I had bacon and scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese on top. It was delicious.

We came back late so we didn’t have lunch. We gathered our presents and started reading letters and giving presents to each person. Dad said our present is coming late; Mom said they are giving us a microscope. When we went shopping on Friday, Mom and I stopped to look at a microscope. Mom told me, “We will get one of those for you girls someday.”

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Kirsten: Festibond 2008

Festibond is our family tradition that we invented last year. I love it. It is wonderful to see the girls thinking and caring about others, and being excited to spend time together as a family.

We went to breakfast at our favorite breakfast place, Eggspectation. It the past the girls always ordered chocolate chip pancakes, but Skye’s and Jenna’s tastes have matured to scrambled eggs and some form of pork. Despite the many beverage choices of milk, chocolate milk, hot chocolate, and various juices, the girls all ordered water to drink. As Hayley would say, “water’s healfy.”

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Skye: Festibond 2008

Festibond Letters 2008Festibond is the gift of spending time with each other.

Yesterday was Festibond. We went to Eggspectations for breakfast. Jenna and I solved the crossword puzzle on our place mats. It took a long time. I figured out the whole thing except for one. To get that one I had to refer to the answers on the back. I ordered a water with oranges, scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, sausage links and breakfast fries. It was delicious.

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Brent: Festibond 2008

To the person who this week said to me of us not celebrating Christmas, “that’s too bad”, I give you Festibond 2008.

Festibond 2007

Today we celebrated Festibond. There’s nothing important or significant about the day we selected other than it was convenient for us. It has been one of my best days of the year. The value of Festibond to our family is immeasurable.

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Happy Stinkin’ Anniversary, Babe!

Kirsten Uhler
Kirsten Uhler

We did it! We made it to lucky number thirteen. I really hate to celebrate an institution for which I have so much disdain. However, any excuse to celebrate you and us is good enough for me.

I love you, Babe. You make my world go ’round. You’re sexy and smart and funny. You’re the best mom on the planet and a damn good lover.

You complete me. I look forward to the next year together, and I cherish the hours, minutes and seconds.


Hayley Came Over to Play

My friend Hayley came over to play at my house. She is in my class.

Hayley, my sister, always wanted to play with other stuff. That was nice of her not to bother us. We were fine until my friend Hayley lost her mom’s pin. We did not find it so she was grumpy.

We had a snack. Hayley had a few pretzels. My little sister Hayley had pretzels and a graham cracker. I had some pretzels, too. And a graham cracker.

I showed Hayley my mp3 player. She told me she has a Hannah Montana mp3 player.

Skye came in. She, Hayley and I played the Super Monkey Ball II on the Game Cube.

Her mom came to pick her up shortly after we started playing the Game Cube. Hayley had to go.

We had a lot of fun.

Book Review: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Harry Potter
Harry Potter

I read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling. I read this book because I thought it would be interesting.

I liked that Harry was brave. He tried to save the Sorcerer’s Stone from Voldemort. Voldemort is evil. I also liked it because, at the end, Harry helps Gryffindor get more points than Slytherin to win the House Cup. I like Hermione because she is smart, pretty and nice.

The book was different from the movie because the movie scared me more than the book.

I think someone else would like this book because it was cool and fun to read.

I read this at home.

Kirsten is a Brainiac!

Kirsten earned a 4.0 GPA this semester. She worked her butt off and deserves some recognition. I am wicked proud of her!!

You go girl. I love you, Kir.

She also aced (100%) every category of the math portion of the Nurse Entrance Test (NET) and earned a composite score on the entire exam that puts her in the 96th percentile of the nation! Hooray!

I think she deserves lunch at Gilbert’s Chowder House, at least. ;)