Jenna: If I Had a Million Dollars

Thomas Lavasser
Thomas Lavasser

If I had a million dollars I would pay for an airplane to take me to Disney World. I love Disney World.

I would buy a puppy…at the vet. I like pups!

I would pay to go to the zoo. I just love looking at animals.

I would make a party for Father’s and Mother’s Day, because I love my parents.

I would buy a million packs of gum. Yum!

I would invite my friend Thomas over to go to a nice restaurant. I’ll pay! I love Thomas Lavasser!

I would buy six workbooks. Plus, I love learning!

9 thoughts on “Jenna: If I Had a Million Dollars”

  1. That is really good Jenna. I would love to go to Disney World with you. Could you invite Brandon and me. I love you.

  2. Those are some great ideas, Jenna. You sure are a sweetheart! I’m glad you love learning.

    That is a LOT of gum. My favorite gum growing up was strawberry-banana flavored Hubba Bubba.

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