Skye: If I had a Million Dollars

Beagles are fit my favorite dog
Beagles are my favorite dog

If I had a million dollars I would pay for the whole family to go on a boat ride to Ellis Island (which is now a museum). Since my class at school started immigration work I’ve wanted to go to Ellis Island. Ellis Island is a neat place because it brings back memories of immigrants and you can learn about the history of long ago. I want my family to come to enjoy it and so I can spend time with them.

Since dogs are so cute and playful I would also buy a dog. It’s name would be Brownie. It would be a beagle. I would also buy a comfy bed, dog food, collar, leash, dog food bowl, brush, and some play toys. I would be responsible. I would walk it every day, give it a bath, feed it, groom it, play with it, and bring it to the vet. I would keep it as far away from dad as much as possible. He doesn’t like them.

I would also hire some workers to build me a pool where the weeds in my backyard stand. Though first I’m going to ask someone to pull out the weeds and build a nice stone path leading to the pool. It would be so pretty. I would make a flower railing along the side. I would give some money to Margret and David Saunders so I could pay them back for cutting there weeds to make a path that leads to the pool.

I would pay lots of money to make a club. The money would be used for buying the supplies that everyone will need. They would need notebooks for their journals so they could write their thoughts and things that they are anxious to tell someone (the someone is the journal). They would also need one writing utensil. I would also make a big “WELCOME TO THE CLUB” party. We would go to the mini golf place. We would stop by the ice cream truck and get some ice cream to eat while we play mini golf.

The last thing I would get if I got a million dollars is an electric guitar so I could play it on stage and just play it for fun.

That’s what I’d do with a million dollars.

13 thoughts on “Skye: If I had a Million Dollars”

  1. Did you know there’s a song called “If I had a Million Dollars”? It’s by Canadian band Barenaked Ladies, and it’s one of my favourite songs :-)

  2. PS. I like dogs too. Good to hear you would be a responsible owner. Don’t forget to also take your dog to puppy school so that it is well trained, and to pick up its poo from the yard and when you go out for walks :-)

  3. @Steven Pam – If we get a dog I get to pick up poo and carry it around in a translucent plastic bag? Ooh, sign me up. :)

    Perhaps Skye should use part of her fortune to buy her crotchety old dad a new heart.

  4. Well written Skye! You sound like you would be very responsible with a new dog. I like beagles too! You have lots of great plans for your million dollars!

  5. When I pick up the poo I use sticks like chopsticks or maybe some nearby leaves. Its the eco friendly way to do it. I figure why use another bag then. I dispose of the poo in a place that no one finds later so that the poo will be a natural fertilizer. Kim laughs at me because it takes like five minutes to pick up the poo. Skype Why a Beagle anyway?

  6. @Steven Pam – (a) – I wish everybody would use the opaque type. (b) – Yes. But I didn’t like it and I’m glad that stage is over. Perhaps if puppies could be trained to use the toilet I’d feel differently (but probably not).

  7. Skye–I totally want to go to Ellis island too. Maybe we could go together? Sam is getting a dog next year. I wish he wasn’t. But he might get a schnoodle. Isn’t that the funniest name for a dog? I used to want a beagle because they are super cute, but then I found out they LOVE to bark. Yikes!

  8. Very nicely done, Skye. Why not just rent a dog?

    Pools are great. We had one when I was a kid. They’re a lot of work, though. You could use some of your money to hire a pool boy to keep it clean.

    I want to be in your club, too. What are you going to call the club? Are dads allowed?

  9. Hey Skye, we could have our own band–you with your electric guitar and me with my acoustic guitar.

    Your club sounds great! And that’s very nice of you to think of paying David and Margaret for pulling their weeds.

    @Brent, I don’t think dads that don’t like dogs are allowed.

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