Hayley’s Festibond Reindeer Antlers

Since it’s getting to be Festibond we did a little bit of Festibond stuff at school. We got to put designs on our antlers. We took one long piece of lined paper. Then we traced our hands and cut them out of brown paper. Mrs. Arnold put our name on the paper after we put our designs on it. The first sticker was Santa. The next sticker was a candy cane. The next sticker was a reindeer. The last sticker is holly.

The way to make a circle to put it on our head is first to put the paper around our head then carefully take it off while it was connected still. Then we stapled it. Then we stapled the antlers. And then we got to put them on for the whole time we were in school.


5 thoughts on “Hayley’s Festibond Reindeer Antlers”

  1. Very cool, Hayley. What I think is particularly interesting is that you referred to them as “Festibond antlers”. I’m glad your teacher, Mrs. Arnold, talks to the class about different holiday traditions, including Festibond.

    Mrs. Arnold rocks!

  2. Hayley, I think it’s neat that some other kids in your class decided they would celebrate Festibond too. :-)

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