I love that everyone has such unique character traits and behaviors. The following pictures reveal some of Brent’s and the the girls’ endearing qualities.

What can I say about Brent? He’s such a clown. He likes to make me laugh, and it always works. I love that about him.

Skye loves listening to her mp3 player and wants to be a rock star when she grows up. She also gets excited about buying stuff with her own money. So when she happened to get a microphone necklace out of a toy vending machine filled with miscellaneous necklaces, she was ecstatic. She never takes it off. Of course Brent likes to tease her about it, often grabbing the microphone and singing on it. I love that she’s confident enough in herself not to worry about what others think.

Hayley often comes up with clever and unusual thoughts and ideas. She pretended to disguise herself by hiding her face in her turtleneck and blending her white clothes in with the white wall behind her. We were all laughing about it. She’s so funny.

Jenna loves being fancy and pretty. She asked if I would help her paint her fingernails and toenails the other day. She wanted the fingernails on each of her hands to be a different shade of pink and the toenails on each of her feet to be a different shade of red. She was so careful about not touching anything after they were painted. I think she would have liked to wear sandals to school so everyone could see her lovely toes.

This is my wonderful and unique family. I appreciate all their characteristics which make them individuals. They’re great!

3 thoughts on “Personality”

  1. I have a necklace too that Skye bought for me. Daddy sometimes teases me too. I know that you like to be pretty, Jenna, but you already are pretty. I was trying to hide to be silly.

  2. I really think that was a good post. I like sticking up for people. I don’t want anybody to be teased by anybody. I love you.

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