Brent: A Brother

I have three brothers; I don’t have to imagine what it is like to have a brother. Brothers are great if you’re one of ’em. My brothers are cool. We used to play Legos, ride our bikes all over the neighborhood and blow stuff up. It was like having your buddies with you all the time.

I have a sister, too. I mostly didn’t get her. I liked her just fine, we just didn’t relate to each other. She liked fuzzy pink stuff, ponies and being pretty. Sometimes I was jealous because she seemed to get the bulk of the attention (she was and is gorgeous). Other times I felt bad for her because she was outnumbered.

I think Kirsten would have benefited greatly from a brother. She would be tougher, no doubt. And she wouldn’t think I’m so weird.

I always wanted a son and secretly hoped each time Kirsten got pregnant that the baby would be a boy. I’m glad none of them were. Our girls are sweet and well behaved. They like to play dress-ups, color and read. They are so easy to parent I think they could probably be alright without us. I am often around boys their age and they are almost always rough and rowdy. I think that would drive me crazy(er).

The girls would certainly benefit with another boy around the house, especially if he were older. An older brother could take care of them and tease them when I’m busy.

A brother would also help them relate to other boys. This understanding would serve them well now and even more when they begin to date. Boys are different than girls. They like different things and have different motivations.

I like our family just fine. If we were going to have another child I would want it to be another girl. I’d rather play the role of brother than have to raise a son.

3 thoughts on “Brent: A Brother”

  1. That is really cool. I know what it is like to have a sister. It is fun. Would you like me, Jenna, and Hayley as sisters?

  2. @Skye – Absolutely! If I were your older brother I’d still tease you about your silver ice cream cone necklace. If I were younger I’d make you make me sandwiches and tie my shoes like you do for Hayley.

    That is an excellent question, Skye.

  3. “An older brother could take care of them and tease them when I’m busy.”

    I think you’re right…I would have benefited from having a brother. ;-) As far as having a son, I don’t think I’d tolerate the rowdiness very well.

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