Jenna: A Brother

If I had to have a brother, I would want it to be Thomas.

Having a brother would change the family because the house would be so much more dirty. Most boys don’t clean up their rooms even if they are told to. A brother would get my room messy and mom will blame it on me because it’s my room and she will make me clean it up.

The reason I would like a brother is because I could play video games with him. Boys like to play video games and so do I. Plus, boys are cute.

If I had a little brother I would play with the dinosaurs with him. If I had an older brother I would play games or the GameCube with him.

I would want a brother.

One thought on “Jenna: A Brother”

  1. That is really awesome. Yeah, I agree that a brother would change the house. I would also like to play video games with you and the brother. I love you.

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