Kirsten: A Brother

I have four sisters and no brothers. We played with dolls and dress-ups and played “house,” but other than that I don’t remember doing a lot of “girlie” stuff. I particularly enjoyed riding bikes, catching bugs, playing in the barn, building with blocks, and playing with matchbox cars in the dirt. My dad took us fishing, we played basketball together, and we went on camping trips.

Growing up with a brother might have made me tougher. I’ve noticed that boys are a bit rougher and more provoking than girls. Of course one of my sisters (I won’t name any names) did tie me up and gag me once. Though I may have benefited from having a brother, I loved growing up with all of my sisters.

A brother would certainly help me understand boys (and men) better. Fortunately I have Brent to enlighten me. ;-)

6 thoughts on “Kirsten: A Brother”

  1. I’m glad I can help. To imagine that doing “boy stuff” with your dad is equivalent to having a brother is humorous. I bet your dad never sat on you and farted. Or dated your friends.

  2. (a) I agree having a brother makes some girls tougher. Michaela, for example, who wishes that monsters were real, so that she could “kick them in the head and kill them”

    (2) Interesting that you think Brent helps you understand men better. I would think he is just completely bewildering :-)

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