Brent: Snow

I LOVE winter. In winter the air is crisp and the driving fun. One reason I love winter is because I love snow. It’s great. It’s cold and beautiful.

I grew up in Alaska so these Maine winters don’t really bother me. As I said, I actually like them which makes most other Mainers scratch their heads and give me quizzical looks. Kirsten and I agree that the winters here are far more agreeable than those we experienced in Kansas.

I think it’s important to have balance in our lives. Winter balances summer nicely. People in Maine are adventurous and active partly because most activities are seasonal. The anticipation heightens the experience.

Winter, especially in Maine, is awesome. It snows a lot, which makes for fantastic photographs: lots of reflected light and very long shadows. For the most part the snow can be swept off the porch and vehicles because it’s dry and light. I rarely have to scrape ice off the car’s windscreens, which is nice.

Heating the apartment sucks. It’s expensive. Kirsten doesn’t run around the apartment clad in a t-shirt and panties during winter. I miss that. But there’s always next summer.

Here are a few photographs I took this morning. Enjoy.

Our plowed street
Our plowed street

Mainers know how to plow snow (and drive in it). This is how our street looked early this morning. How awesome is that?!

Debbie in snow.  I need to put her in storage.
Debbie in snow. I need to put her in storage.

I need to put my bike in storage. She won’t see action until spring.

Looking out on a winter sunrise
Looking out on a winter sunrise
David is very good about clearing the driveway
David is very good about clearing the driveway

When it comes to snow removal our landlord, David, rocks! I think he’s spent about as much time blowing snow the past few days as he’s spent indoors. Thanks, David.

Dave clears the snow from our parking spots
David clears the snow from our parking spots

David removes snow from the driveway. Then I sweep the snow off the cars (with a kitchen broom, which the girls think it hilarious) and move them to the freshly cleared driveway so David can blow the snow off our parking spots. It’s a good system. We’ve done it several times the past few days. We’ll repeat our choreographed dance many times this winter.

Yesterday was the first official day of winter. The days will be getting longer now. Hooray for spring! :)

P.S. I love my vehicle’s remote start!

2 thoughts on “Brent: Snow”

  1. I like your point about how winter balances out the summer. I love having all the seasons here. David is good about taking care of the snow right away. That’s a great thing about living in an apartment. ;-)

    Nice pictures. I especially like the one with your reflection in your bike’s mirror.

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