Kirsten is a Brainiac!

Kirsten earned a 4.0 GPA this semester. She worked her butt off and deserves some recognition. I am wicked proud of her!!

You go girl. I love you, Kir.

She also aced (100%) every category of the math portion of the Nurse Entrance Test (NET) and earned a composite score on the entire exam that puts her in the 96th percentile of the nation! Hooray!

I think she deserves lunch at Gilbert’s Chowder House, at least. ;)

5 thoughts on “Kirsten is a Brainiac!”

  1. Kirsten you are AMAZING!!!! Congrats on your perfect scores!! Your going to make one hell of a nurse!

  2. Thank you everyone! I’m all ready for the next semester. :-)

    Great job to you too, Jodi. And congrats on your degree!

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