Happy Stinkin’ Anniversary, Babe!

Kirsten Uhler
Kirsten Uhler

We did it! We made it to lucky number thirteen. I really hate to celebrate an institution for which I have so much disdain. However, any excuse to celebrate you and us is good enough for me.

I love you, Babe. You make my world go ’round. You’re sexy and smart and funny. You’re the best mom on the planet and a damn good lover.

You complete me. I look forward to the next year together, and I cherish the hours, minutes and seconds.


3 thoughts on “Happy Stinkin’ Anniversary, Babe!”

  1. Awww, thank you Brent. Happy anniversary to you too! I love the time we have had together and look forward to all the days to come. You are the best!

    Skye, thank you sweetheart.

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