Skye: Festibond 2008

Festibond Letters 2008Festibond is the gift of spending time with each other.

Yesterday was Festibond. We went to Eggspectations for breakfast. Jenna and I solved the crossword puzzle on our place mats. It took a long time. I figured out the whole thing except for one. To get that one I had to refer to the answers on the back. I ordered a water with oranges, scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, sausage links and breakfast fries. It was delicious.

After breakfast we went to Kinkos and my parents made five booklets for the family. Each booklet has the letters to one person from the family. We wrote the letters the day before. Each letter says what we love about the person to whom the letter is written. On the front of the booklet it says “Happy Festibond” with a box where we wrote the person’s name whom the booklet is for. On the back there is a barcode that says “Festibond 2008”. I thought it was cool.

When we got home we sat on mom and dad’s bed and read the letters and gave our presents. Mom and dad made copies of our letters to read from. The person to whom we were reading our letter to could follow along in their booklet. Hayley gave me a Timex watch that I have been using constantly since.

Skye plays Uno H2OWe played Uno Rummy-up and Uno H2O. Uno H2O is my favorite game. I like that you have to think of a strategy. We played three rounds of Uno H2O and one round of Uno Rummy-up. I like to spend time with the family. I won two rounds of Uno H2O and Jenna won the other. Mom won the only round we played of Uno Rummy-up. Mom put cookies and fudge on a plate for us to eat. She also made us homemade eggnog.

It was a wonderful day spent together. I love the tradition of Festibond. It’s our own made-up holiday. I LOVE Festibond!

3 thoughts on “Skye: Festibond 2008”

  1. Very nice post, Skye. I hope Festibond is something you enjoy and to which you look forward. It is a time when we can simply focus on each other.

    For most children Christmas is a time of selfishness and gluttony. I hope you appreciate that we’re trying to give you something that is much better for you and for our family. And I hope it’s always fun. I’ll do whatever I can to make it so.

    I like your idea of going to Portland Head Light for our Festibond activities. Perhaps we should also have a summer Festibond.

  2. Skye I enjoyed reading what you wrote about Festibond. What a wonderful time with your family of sharing and caring and fun together.

    I miss seeing you and your family.
    Grandma Kathy

  3. Skye, I’m glad you appreciate the meaning of Festibond. It is wonderful spending time together as a family and thinking about each other.

    I think the barcode on the back of our Festibond booklets is cool too. ;-)

    @Brent– A summer Festibond is a great idea!

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