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Danley.org uses Google Analytics to accumulate statistical data which can be queried to generate a plethora of reports. The map of visitors is quite telling.

Visitors to Danley.org from Nov. 28, 2008 to Dec. 28, 2008

Most of the visits, obviously, are from Maine. Most of those visits are from our own computers here at home. We have, as expected, visits from Decatur, Illinois; Flower Mound, Texas; Melbourne, Australia; Jinan, China; and others. Thank you all! It made me happy to see that my sister, whom I haven’t spoken to in more than four years, probably visited at least four times. It is discouraging, however, to learn that other members of my family don’t seem much interested in my family. C’est la vie. Despite a broadly distributed email announcing the site we had but a single visit from Wichita, Kansas, our home of eleven years.

Other data is quite positive. There were 433 total visits. The average visitor visited almost four different pages on the site and stayed for more than five minutes per visit. Almost thirty percent of visits are from new visitors and the bounce rate–the percentage of single-page visits–is well below fifty percent.

To those who visit and comment we thank you. Please continue to do so (subscribe to the post feed). Your participation is the icing on the cake.

Blogging is important for the girls. It helps them develop thinking, writing and communication skills. It serves as another way to grow closer to each other and to our friends and family who are “from away”.

4 thoughts on “Danley.org Visitors”

  1. One other thing…

    Some people might be following the blog in their feed readers only, and rarely/never click through to the site; so this *could* explain their geographic apparent absence.

    I, for example, only click through when I want to comment. I suppose if you switched to showing only a preview (snippet? Whatever it’s called) of each post in the feed – like you do on The Rhetoric – you might get more human site visits, but that could be annoying. Reading the whole post a feed reader is kind of convenient – it’s pretty much the whole point of feed readers I guess!

    PS. The masthead on the site is gorgeous :-)

  2. @Steven – Good points, as usual. If people are going to just read the feed what is the point of any of the design?

    We don’t have paid ads, so I suppose there is little harm in people reading the posts in their readers.

  3. @Kim – It is. First paragraph under the map. I didn’t include a world map because the only international views were from my mate in Australia, a fellow Mainer who was visiting Iceland, you and Mike in China and Flickr atheist friends in England.

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