Jenna: 2008, A Review

I really enjoyed the 2008th year. The thing I liked most was school. I know everything they teach us, so basically the teachers are not teaching me. My teacher is Darcy Holland. I am so excited about third grade because I can’t wait to see the school (which is a different building) and meet my teachers and my classmates!

The worst thing that I did was going to the lighthouses and beaches on cold (or not-hot) days. That’s my dad’s hobby. My hobby is reading (in warm places!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

What I did most was reading. I love reading! What I read most was Harry Potter. (I finished Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets!)

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

On my 7th birthday I had some friends over for a party. The people that came were Thomas, Elizabeth, Sarah, Katy, and Theresa.

Jenna's 7th Birthday

I started Brownies (Girl Scouts) in 2008. We went caroling at a nursing home. I like Brownies. In 2009 we are selling cookies.

Brownies Caroling

The Safstens came last year. The Safstens are a family that’s related to me. We went to a lot of lighthouses and the beach with them. I especially had lots of fun with my cousin Oscar.

Oscar and me looking at the ocean
Oscar and me looking at the ocean
Micah is buried in the sand, and Oscar is holding his head.
Micah is buried in the sand, and Oscar is holding his head.
Hayley & Ellie in the Sand
Hayley and Ellie in the Sand

Meanwhile, on New Year’s Eve in the evening we watched a movie, had a snack, drank Martinellis and played “UNO.” I loved New Year’s Eve. New years are exciting! I also want to go to Boston because I think it’s a good and happy thing to celebrate New Years!

What I want to do in the 2009th year is read more and spend more time with my family. I know I will do well in school in January, February, March, April, May, and June.

I don’t know what we’re going to do for Mother’s and Father’s Day and all the other holidays.

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