Kirsten: 2008, A Review

It is hard to believe that it’s already 2009. As I try to remember all the events that occurred in the past year, I am convinced that regular blogging is a fantastic idea. It serves as an archive, chronicling thoughts and events that would otherwise be forgotten. I just recently started my own blog at called “Cogitations,” thanks to a lot of encouragement and help from Brent. It is a great opportunity for me to articulate and share my thoughts, to vent, and to get me thinking about different things.

Skye, Jenna, and Hayley

Several events stand out in my mind from the year 2008. We enjoyed a visit from my parents at the beginning of the year. Though the winters here are beautiful, the ferry ride was a little chilly. We’d love to have them come back when it’s warmer so they can appreciate all that Maine has to offer. Richard and Patsy also came to visit, and we really enjoyed having them here. The entire Safsten family stopped by for a few days in August. We had a good time and shared with them our favorite things: lighthouses and the beach.

In January Brent, the girls, and I had the opportunity to attend a Hillary Clinton rally in New Hampshire in which Bill campaigned for his wife. Brent asked him a question about how religion would fit into a Hillary administration. It was refreshing to hear that both Clintons understand America is NOT a Christian nation and that government and religion should be completely separate. We also attended a Hillary Clinton rally in New Hampshire several days later. Skye moved to the front of the crowd to ask Hillary how she could make school more challenging, informing her that she skipped a grade and it’s still too easy for her. Hillary seemed moved by Skye’s question, and replied with a commitment to personalized, customized education; that we need to reconfigure our schools and re-imagine education. I truly believe Hillary Clinton would make an excellent president, bringing much needed change to this country.

My graduating CNA class
My graduating CNA class

This past year I made the decision to pursue a nursing degree. I earned my CNA certification last spring so that I may have the opportunity to work with patients while I’m working toward becoming an RN. I started school at SMCC this past fall and successfully completed my nursing prerequisites and requirements. This week begins a new semester for which I am excited. I am hoping to transfer to a university in the fall so I can start working toward my bachelor’s degree.

Brent got a job with Olan Mills church directories last spring which requires him to travel. When he has a full schedule he’s out of town five days a week, and we all miss him. Hayley started kindergarten in September, so all the girls are now in school. It was very strange (and lonely) to have them all gone during the day. Of course I took the opportunity to do my school work without any distractions.

Brent and Kirsten in love

Our family has enjoyed such activities as visiting lighthouses, exploring the rocky coast, playing and basking on sandy beaches, swimming in the ocean (only in the summer), reading at the library and bookstore, and playing card games. We always enjoy our time together. Brent and I have occasionally had the opportunity to spend time alone together. Our “dates” to the bookstore, the library, the cafe, and the coast have always been quality time well spent, usually reading and talking. I look forward to continuing our favorite activities in the coming year. I love to go camping on the coast again. We have also decided to start a Saturday family night so that we can bond and reconnect with each other every week.

Champagne Toast

We are excited to be starting out the new year with new identities–well, the girls and I anyway. We have decided to change our last names. I will take back my maiden name, Uhler, because that is who I am. The girls will change their last name to Danler, as it is a combination of Brent and my family names; it connects them to each other, and to both of us. We are excited for this change and hope that the girls never acquiesce to changing their last name (if they are to ever get married) and give up their identity.

Festibond, or December family tradition, has been a wonderful success. The feelings of love and closeness among us were solidified, and we all had fun. I look forward to the next one; in fact we are considering adding a June Festibond. And why not? You can never have too much family bonding.

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