Skye: 2008, A Review

I was excited for Hayley to start kindergarten in 2008. I kept track of the number of days until she’d go and kept reminding her. I enjoyed seeing her excitement. I sat with her on the bus her first day. When she got home mom and dad were excited to ask her about her first day.

Mrs. Littlefield, one of my multi-age teachers from last year, told us she was retiring. I was expecting her to be my fourth grade teacher this year. My class had a farewell party for her at the end of the school year. We made cards for her and presented them at the party. I miss her. Sometimes I get to see her when she substitutes for the third grade class next door.

Safstens at Beach

On December 10th I went to a play called “The Christmas Carol” with my GT reading class. My dad volunteered to chaperone so he could spend time with me. The play was kind of scary and it had a good lesson I will never forget: you should care for other people other than yourself. I liked the play. It’s a fun tale children and adults would like. It seemed more real because the actors were live instead of on a screen.

Last summer my cousins, the Safstens, came to visit us here in Maine. They are my mom’s sister’s family. We all went to lighthouses and the beach. At the beach we buried each other in the sand. We forgot to bring swimsuits when we visited Old Orchard Beach, so we walked in the shallow part of the water. It was a fun time to be with my relatives.

Andrea is my best friend in Maine. We love spending time with each other. One time she came to the beach with us. We had fun playing, covering each other in sand and making sand butterflies. Playing at the beach was even more fun because Andrea was there.

Skye & Andrea at the Beach

In 2009 I want some special things to happen.

I want to camp in Acadia National Park for two days. It will be fun. We can bring popcorn and pop it over the fire. I want our camping spot to be by the ocean. The first time I went camping I met these two very nice girls named Mykal and Amber. We played together every time we could. We even made fishing poles out of string, sticks, and leaves. Our bait was marshmallows. This year I hope for something like that to happen.

In school I want to learn more about the body. Last year I enjoyed the activities we did with the circulatory, respiratory, skeletal, and digestive systems.

I want to go to Boston and visit the Aquarium, Public Garden, swan boats, subway station, Custom House Tower, and stay at a nice hotel. I’ve been to Boston a lot and it is absolutely fun. When I grow up I might live in either Boston or Maine. I especially like the Granary Burying Grounds because you see all the wonderful stones and play hide-and-seek. Tour guides dress in historic clothing and tell stories of people and how they died.

I hope my dad gets a job taking pictures of outdoor scenery. I want him to have a good schedule so that my family can spend more time with him. My dad is a very hard worker and is a wonderful photographer.

I want my mom to do a good job on her school work so she can be a nurse and enjoy her job. My mom is a very nice person and I love going to her work and eating lunch with her. Two of mom’s coworkers, Maggie and Mary are nice to me and my sisters.

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