Jenna: Family Night

Last night we had our first family night. It is about family members sharing with each other. We talk about things we did during the week and we spend time together doing things we enjoy.

First we went over family business. I had nothing to say. We also talked about what we learned this week. I said I learned that for the first time I heard the word visualize and learned what it means. It means to create a picture in your brain.

Highlights is a part of family night that we like to do. We all love highlights because it’s nice to share good things that happened to us during the week. Hayley went first and said ” I loved playing UNO at this hotel.” I went next. I said I loved being in the hotel too. I was going to say (but I was interrupted by Daddy) that my favorite part in the hotel was going in the pool. (I didn’t say ‘swimming’ because I don’t know how to swim.)

After that Hayley started a discussion. She asked us what our favorite season is. Hayley likes summer because she doesn’t have to put on her winter clothing. I like autumn because the leaves are pretty and we get to jump in them. The best part is raking them. Daddy, Mommy, and Skye all like autumn the best too because they think the leaves are beautiful. And Daddy can take pictures of the beautiful leaves.

Daddy read a poem called “Carpe Diem” by Robert Frost about doing what you want to do, or need to do, today–not tomorrow. Don’t worry about yesterday either. At the end Daddy asked Skye what “seize the day” means. She said “It means ‘do it today’.”

We played “Apples to Apples” for Skye’s activity. One time the word I had to match was bumpy. My cards were princess, mexico, tents, football, and rainbows! I picked rainbows.

I picked out oatmeal cream pies and heart brownies at the store for our refreshments. I ate a heart-shaped brownie. Mmmmmmmm!

I like family night because it’s fun and it is interesting to hear about everyone’s week. I like to tell everyone about my week too. My favorite part about family night is the activity.

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  1. I love hotels too.

    I only learnt how to swim properly a few years ago. There are classes for adults. Now I find it pretty easy (in a pool anyway – at the beach it’s a little harder because the water is moving!

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