Kirsten: Family Night

OK, so “family night” isn’t exactly a novel concept. We have had weekly family night in the past and like the idea of getting together each week to reconnect. Sometimes we get so busy with our daily activities and caught up in the stresses of life that we don’t always appreciate each other and our relationships–which is most important. I especially miss out on time with my family as I have been spending much of my time engaged in studying for school and working.

We decided to have a regular family meeting each Saturday night with some of our own original ideas. I like that this meeting allows us to keep updated on each other’s schedules, questions, and concerns. We also use this time to share with each other our “highlights” of the week. We also have someone share a thought-provoking reading, and someone leads a discussion on a topic in which everyone participates and shares their thoughts, opinions, and ideas. Of course we include a fun activity and refreshments. I look forward to our family night and the opportunity to spend valuable time with Brent and the girls…sharing, learning, and strengthening our relationships.

Brent and the girls playing Apples to Apples Junior Edition
Brent and the girls playing Apples to Apples Junior Edition

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