Skye: Family Night

My family and I invented a time to spend with each other because Festibond is only once or twice a year. We call it “Family Night”. Each week Family Night is on Saturday. Every week each person in the family has a task they get to be in charge of on Family Night.

The conductor is one of the tasks we get to do. They lead the Family Night. The conductor asks the people to do their tasks. The conductor can ask them in any order they like but the people do them one at a time. The tasks you get to do are; the conductor, reader, activity, discussion, and refreshments. Other important things we do are highlight of the week, something we learned, problems we are having, and what our next blog post will be about.

This past week mom was the conductor for family night. She was a very confidant conductor. She spoke really loud like a man Indian.

Dad was the reader for that week. He read a poem by Robert Frost called “Carpe Diem”. The meaning is “do what you want to do today and don’t worry about the past and the future.”

Hayley led the discussion. She asked our opinions about what season was the best. Everybody except Hayley picked Autumn because it’s not too hot or too cold . Hayley picked Summer.

My task was to do the activity. I decided to play “Apples To Apples“. (It’s my favorite game, and I love apples.) It was fun and Mom won.

Jenna chose to do the refreshments. Jenna picked Oatmeal Cream Pies and heart Valentine Brownies. Why do they put out valentine things so early?

One of the reasons I love Family Night is because each week you get to do a different task each week and learn from your mistakes. Another reason I love Family Night is because I get to spend time with my family.

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