Jenna: A Week to Live

If I had a week to live I would spend the week with my grandparents. I would play games with them, we would read to each other, and we would also play music. On the last minute to die I would say, “I will miss you. I love all of you. Bye!” I would cry. When the minute was over I would fall down and close my eyes and die.

Your brain turns off when you die. If you were in the ground, bugs would eat your skin. You wouldn’t know anything’s happening to you. If you woke up from the dead, you would not know anything. If your friends didn’t know you were dead and then find out, they would be crying because they care about you and it’s horrible.

I would cry if one of my friends died. There are lots of ways you could die: a car crash, a gun, too sick, too old, a bow-and-arrow, and fighting.

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