Kirsten: A Week To Live

Let’s say I only had a week to live. A week isn’t a lot of time. Sure, there are many things I’ve always wanted to do, but I’m not going to waste my last week on earth trying to do them.

I would spend every minute with my family, and do the things that we most enjoy doing together. I would write letters to everyone and make sure all my loved ones knew how I felt about them, that they were at peace, and taken care of.

I don’t mind dying so much as losing a loved one. I also worry about the people I leave behind, and hope they wouldn’t be sad. Like Brent, I would definitely not want a viewing. No casket, and no burial. I’d like to donate my body to science, or have it cremated. I wouldn’t want a funeral either, at least not in the traditional sense. I wouldn’t want it to be a mournful occasion, but rather a “fond memories of Kirsten” occasion.

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