A Wonderful Morning

This morning was absolutely wonderful. I spent it with Kirsten. After dropping her off at school I went to PHL to take some pictures of my new t-shirt. It was wicked cold out!

A Lot of Brents

After chemistry I took Kirsten to Eggspectations where we enjoyed Stimulus Pancakes (they’re free!). Kirsten looked amazing in her short plaid skirt and thigh-high knit socks. Oh, and the rest of her, too. I didn’t have my camera or phone so I sketched her picture on the Science section of the New York Times. She doesn’t think my artwork is an accurate depiction. What do you think?


On the way home we stopped by Borders so I could pick up the current issue of The Economist.

I love Kirsten. It brings me great pleasure to just sit and talk with her. And to make plans. And to just be together.

4 thoughts on “A Wonderful Morning”

  1. LOL! You should not have shown your sketch to me while I was in the middle of drinking my coffee! And no, it is NOT an accurate depiction. Ha ha ha!

    You did great on your clone picture. Very creative and well done. I especially love the hand stand.

    As always, I really enjoyed my time with you Brent. First I got to learn about elements, compounds, and homogenous/heterogeneous mixtures; then I got to hang out with my favorite person. It was a fantastic morning!

  2. I must say although your artwork is impressive my friend…I think the real Kirsten is prettier! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun today!

  3. Cute pic—and interesting shirt. I bet that’ll cause some uproar when worn out and about….. =)

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