Brent: If I Could Travel

My youngest brother, Michael, and Kim, his super awesome girlfriend, know how to travel. They spend months working on a train in Alaska or teaching English in China. They travel by bus and airplane and motorbike. Their adventures are legendary. You can read about them at Kim’s blog. I’d love to travel with them. But not to Asia. I’d rather to go Europe.

When I was in the US Air Force I got to travel to Korea, Saudi Arabia, England, Italy, Germany and France. I completely fell in love with France during the month I stayed there. I was in Vitrolles, a small town in the south of France near the Mediterranean Sea. It was amazing! The food was rich and the women beautiful. I’d like to go back. In fact, I’d move there if I could.

Italy was also very nice. The old architecture is awe-inspiring. And the pizza is amazing.

I’d love to travel around Europe the way Michael and Kim travel around Asia: on the cheap. I’d like to spend enough time in each country to learn the language and customs and make lots of friends. And I’d take bazillions of photographs and blog about my adventures.

But I don’t need to travel. I feel like I’ve seen enough of the world. I don’t have any strong and nagging desire to get away and explore some other place. I’d love to just hop on the Downeaster and go to Boston for a couple days. Or spend a weekend in NYC. Or go back to Acadia for a week of camping and hiking.

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