Skye: An Ideal Pet

beagle_skyeIf I could have any pet in the world I would want a dog. Not just any dog, I want a Beagle. I want a Beagle because they are so cute and cuddly. If you sleep with one you will be warm. I especially want a Beagle because I like the pattern of their spots.

My Beagle would be named Brownie because Beagles have a rich brown color like a chocolate brownie. I would buy it a comfy bed, cage, dog food, doggy treats, collar, leash, dog bowl, doggy sized bathtub, scrubber, shampoo, soap, and toys to play with.

I would play with Brownie when I’m not too busy. Later in my life if I was too busy I would buy another dog to be Brownie’s friend. I would play with both of them any time I could and take them on walks.

My ideal pet is a Beagle dog.

2 thoughts on “Skye: An Ideal Pet”

  1. Skye, I like Beagles too. I agree they have beautiful spots!

    I have met quite a few while making Hound TV and decided that I wouldn’t want one as a pet. Although they look great and are a perfect size, there is one thing about them… they LOVE sniffing – it’s what they were bred to do. So you can never really let them off the leash when you take them for a walk. Because if they smell something across the road, they’ll run over there to see what it is, no matter how well trained they are!

    Although Labradors (Labrador Retrievers) might seem “boring” (after all, they’re probably the most popular dog in the world! – The Western world, at least), I’m starting to think that they would make one of the best family pets. They are bred to work closely with humans, they’re confident but not aggressive, gentle but not timid… you get the picture.

    Anyway… good luck getting your Dad to let you have a dog :-)

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