Kirsten: An Ideal Pet

IguanaI don’t really have the desire to have a pet. I enjoyed the many cats and dogs we had while I was growing up; however I’m not much of an animal person now. I don’t like the smell, the hair, the dirtiness, or the hassle that is involved with taking care of them…not to mention the cost.

Baby Ball PythonSo if I HAD to get a pet, I suppose it would be some type of reptile. Brent and I previously had a ball python named “Killer,” and gave it to some friends just before Skye was born. It was a nearly perfect pet. He shed very rarely, and shed his entire skin at once…in a cage. He didn’t need to eat often, and it was fascinating to watch him attack, kill, and swallow the mice and rats. (Although I didn’t like dealing with the rodents. It was odd to get them from the pet store in a Chinese take-out box.) Our snake was fairly docile, which made it easy to handle and hold him. His cage hardly got smelly or dirty either.

Box TurtleI liked having a snake, and I wouldn’t mind having an iguana or a turtle. They’re easy, fairly clean, and interesting. And they don’t care if you don’t pay attention to them. I’d much rather love, cuddle with, take care of, and pay attention to my girls…and Brent. ;-)

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