2 thoughts on “Kir Has A Brain!”

  1. Why are brain photos always black and white? I feel bad for mom that she has a tumor in her brain that will make her go blind. Where did she pick up the compact disk? What is a MRI?

  2. Excellent questions, Skye. The photos are black and white because her head is closed when they take the “photo”. It’s Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Basically, it’s a huge spinning magnet that “aligns the nuclear magnetization of hydrogen atoms in water in the body”. The computer takes this data and constructs the image you see.

    Mom got the compact disk (CD) at the doctor’s office. Her vision, by the way, is perfectly normal now so far as the tumor is concerned. Hopefully we’ll have the tumor removed before it can cause damage to the optic nerve and impair her vision.

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