Hayley: Florida Vacation 2009

On the drive we went to a lot of gas stations. At one of the gas stations Mom found one of the White Kit-Kats that I wanted. She wanted to make it a surprise for me.

When we got to Florida I was surprised it was a little cold.

For breakfast in Florida we went to Dunkin Donuts. I didn’t eat the whole donut in Maine, so I just got a muffin instead.

When we got to Heypop and Nana’s house I was so surprised to see Buffy. Skye said she was a snoodle. It was kinda funny. A snoodle?

We went to Subway for lunch and I saw my cousin, Cathryn. Mom said I would see two of my cousins. I was wondering why I just saw one. But then mom told me Blake was at school.

I was afraid of Buffy, but I got used to her because Dad brought me out there and then brought Buffy over to me and told me to pet her. So I did.

At the night time Blake came. I was surprised and happy when he did come. Some times when people come and I didn’t see them for a long time I kind of get embarrassed. I didn’t know what to do so I just be’d silly. Then me and Blake started playing with each other. Me and Blake’s favorite thing to play with there is the wooden blocks. He definitely like to play with that. But Blake most of all played with Clifford.

One day we went to Ron Jon Surf Shop. Skye, my sister, was holding the bag with the dog in it. His name is Mufasa. My mom was picking out dresses there. My Aunt Kim and my dad were helping her. My mom got a bitten-out keychain also.

After that we went home and I started to play with Blake again. Blake kept playing how I don’t like to play. He likes to play like stuff bad keeps happening. I like to play when stuff good keeps happening. So Blake keeps messing up the house I made. Then we went outside to play with Buffy and Mufasa. We made a car out of chairs. My sister Skye and my sister Jenna, Blake and Cathryn all went in the car. I went in the car too. We put Mufasa in the car. We started to play house. Blake was kind of playing mean. So we started playing by ourselves. We made a station called Gator Gator. I had a Gator Gator party. We kept bringing Mufasa to dog parties. Then Jenna said the whole entire pool area should be our car. But we said it shouldn’t. Then me and Blake went inside to play. Me and Blake played with Clifford and the blocks.

After a little while we went back outside. We played with Buffy and Mufasa a little bit more. We were still playing house, but we just went inside to play it. We pretended Skye was the mom and that she had to go to work. So, we went to a place that we named Disney World. We made a made-up Gamecube.

We went to the Space Center also. It was too much money so we didn’t go in the Space Center. We stayed at the Space Center for a little bit more to take pictures.

Then one day we drived home. When we were driving we stopped by at Washington D.C. We got to see the White House. It was a long walk to get to the White House.

For lunch on the drive home we went to Hooters. We stayed at a hotel for the night.

I had a good week in Florida. It was a long drive, but a fun one. In the week I liked seeing my cousins and uncles and aunts and my Nana and Heypop. I really miss my family that lives there.

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  1. I enjoyed reading about your many adventures in Florida, Hayley. You have a great imagination. By the way, I like when good stuff happens, too.

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