Jenna: Florida Vacation 2009

Buffy, our grandparents’ dog, was the first mammal to come over to us when we arrived. She was happy to see us. Then Patsy, our grandmother, came over and welcomed us. I was very happy to see them. They have a very nice house. I gave myself a tour.

I spent most of the time with Buffy. Whenever I go down low Buffy looks at me and then licks me. It’s funny. She goes out the doggy door a lot and mostly goes down to the garage so I go inside. If I am not outside then I usually play hide and go seek with my cousins, Blake and Cathryn.

Kim and Michael, my aunt and uncle, came pretty soon with their dog Mufasa. I had cereal for breakfast.

I played with lots of trucks and motorcycles. We pretended they were having a race. Our cousins, Blake and Cathryn and James, and our Aunt Heidi and Uncle Ken arrived shortly that day. Cathryn played with Buffy, too. And she kept on hitting me for no reason.

Outside Skye built a car made of chairs. Cathryn told me I could not go in. I finally found Buffy’s lost ball. She was happy to see the ball I found.

The next night I read the fourth Harry Potter book. It was very good. In the morning Skye and I played with James, our baby cousin. He is so cute. Once he climbed on my knee and looked at me.

Now, when Buffy goes down into the garage I go into the garage, too.

When we were playing wood blocks we were told by mom to come on a walk with her. It took a long time. I saw lots of bottle brush trees. When we returned we had taco salad for dinner. It was time to go. I said “goodbye” to everyone. I was going to miss Florida.

We stopped in D.C. on the drive home. We saw many famous buildings, like the White House. It was cool. I held Daddy’s hand most of the time. Dad took many pictures. I thought about home and how I missed my friends. But it’s good to be amazed!

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  1. I love this post Jenna! I’m glad you had a good time and I’m sorry Cathryn kept hitting you. Hope to see you soon!

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