Kirsten: Family

Members of a family have a history together and a bond. No matter what happens, there will always be that connection and love for each other. We have the benefits of giving and receiving support. We share every joy and every grief. We challenge each other and help each other to become better. We are constantly discovering the uniqueness and value of one another. I love how we are each individuals with unique qualities to offer, and we’re also a team.

I value the close relationship that Brent and I have with each other. We have something special that no one or nothing could take away. As parents we want to provide our girls with appropriate ways to accumulate the experience and education they need to be able to make good decisions. We try to create a loving environment of acceptance and trust, so that the girls will feel able to talk with us. Open communication and honesty have been so beneficial and vital. I am thankful for the great fulfillment and joy my brings me.

Hayley: Family

Some families like each other and some do not. Boys in your family are dad, brother or son. Girls in your family are called mom, daughter or sister.

Families are important because you can be happy. You’ll be really sad if your family died because you couldn’t wrestle and run around. Running around helps your body. If you don’t run around you could die. I don’t want to die.

Jenna: Family

Families are for keeping yourself protected. Families love each other. Parents are especially made for keeping you safe.

Families are the most fun to play with. Families aren’t just the people you live with, they include cousins, uncles, aunts, grandfathers, and grandmothers. People out of your family can’t be your twin.

A non-grown-up boy who is in your family is called your son or brother. A non-grown-up girl who is in your family is called your daughter or sister. An adult male who is in your family is called dad or daddy or father. An adult female is called mum (aka mommy, aka mother, aka mom).

They help each other and love each other. Families touch you in good ways and sometimes mean ways: they can wrestle, hug, kiss, slap on the back, high five and other ways.

Pets are part of your family.

Sometimes the families have silly names (e.g. Silly Family, Short Family, Yucky Family…funny things like that).

I like that families work together like a team.

If I didn’t have a family right now I would not have a house and food. And the most important, I could be lonely and sad.

I’m glad I have a family.

Skye: Family

I’m writing this blog post to tell you the meaning of family and why it’s important. You need a mom and dad to pay the bills and buy the food. You need brothers and sisters to tease and play with.

Mom and dad are the most important because they are the ones to get you in this world. What they do is have sex. When your mom and dad have sex they mix a sperm cell and egg cell to fertilize the egg. That egg keeps dividing into more and more cells to make a baby. Then the baby comes out of the mom’s tummy. That’s when a new baby comes into the world.

It’s also important to have a mom and dad because they can care for you. If someone is going to kill you, you have a mother and father to guard you.

Sisters and brothers are also very important because if you didn’t have them you would be bored. You couldn’t play with anybody exept your friends. It’s always good to have someone to play with when your friends are not there.

Now you know why it’s good to have a family: to care for you and buy your food. Just remember that they are always there for you.

Brent: Family

Human relationships are what make life great! They can be sources of joy, pleasure, inspiration, anguish and sorrow.

I’ve thought a lot about what makes family relationships special. I don’t have an answer that satisfies me. I am perplexed by feelings of fondness for family members for whom I would probably not care if we didn’t have common ancestry. From where do those feelings come?

I love our Danler family. Kirsten and I “get” each other. We have forged a bond that is very tight. I need her. I feel in many ways like we complete each other. The girls are also very important to me and are a source of tremendous happiness and satisfaction. We laugh and play and cry together. We lean on each other.

Like any relationship, bonding with family takes time and effort and mutual desire. It isn’t automatic; it won’t happen by itself. There are no guarantees.

Brent: Something I Learned

Cold River Vodka

Mike, Kim, Kirsten and I visited Maine Distilleries in Freeport on Tuesday to learn how they make their premium potato vodka, Cold River Vodka. We had a private tour with a stillmaster who showed us the facilities, described the process, and answered all our many questions. It was one of the best factory tours I’ve ever experienced. The vodka tasting at the end was nice, too. The blueberry vodka is my favorite. The blueberry flavoring is made from fresh blueberries and added to the vodka before bottling. Flavoring increases the volume so the alcohol added to this spirit is of a higher proof.

Cold River Vodka is made with potatoes grown in Fryeburg, Maine. The potatoes are ground and mixed with water from the Cold River Aquifer to create a mash. This mash is cooked with yeast to create a liquid alcohol byproduct. The mash is then distilled in a tall cylindrical copper distiller to evaporate and capture the alcohol. This alcohol is cut with water to get the desired proof.

Wikipedia – Vodka: Distilling and Filtering

Many distillers from these countries prefer to use very accurate distillation but minimal filtering, thus preserving the unique flavours and characteristics of their products.

Maine Distilleries use very minimum filtering to preserve the unique flavors of the potatoes. They can do this because they use copper distillers instead of stainless steel. The entire column of the distiller has cleaning nozzles and port holes so it can be cleaned before each batch.

While the whisky is generally only distilled down to its final alcohol content, vodka is distilled until it is almost totally pure alcohol and then cut with water to give it its final alcohol content and unique flavour, depending on the source of the water.