Jenna: Family

Families are for keeping yourself protected. Families love each other. Parents are especially made for keeping you safe.

Families are the most fun to play with. Families aren’t just the people you live with, they include cousins, uncles, aunts, grandfathers, and grandmothers. People out of your family can’t be your twin.

A non-grown-up boy who is in your family is called your son or brother. A non-grown-up girl who is in your family is called your daughter or sister. An adult male who is in your family is called dad or daddy or father. An adult female is called mum (aka mommy, aka mother, aka mom).

They help each other and love each other. Families touch you in good ways and sometimes mean ways: they can wrestle, hug, kiss, slap on the back, high five and other ways.

Pets are part of your family.

Sometimes the families have silly names (e.g. Silly Family, Short Family, Yucky Family…funny things like that).

I like that families work together like a team.

If I didn’t have a family right now I would not have a house and food. And the most important, I could be lonely and sad.

I’m glad I have a family.

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