Kirsten: Family

Members of a family have a history together and a bond. No matter what happens, there will always be that connection and love for each other. We have the benefits of giving and receiving support. We share every joy and every grief. We challenge each other and help each other to become better. We are constantly discovering the uniqueness and value of one another. I love how we are each individuals with unique qualities to offer, and we’re also a team.

I value the close relationship that Brent and I have with each other. We have something special that no one or nothing could take away. As parents we want to provide our girls with appropriate ways to accumulate the experience and education they need to be able to make good decisions. We try to create a loving environment of acceptance and trust, so that the girls will feel able to talk with us. Open communication and honesty have been so beneficial and vital. I am thankful for the great fulfillment and joy my brings me.

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