Jenna: My Mother

My mother is very good when she draws. She works at Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine. I love my mom because she is very helpful.

She was born in the nineteen thousands. She had her first child in 1999, September 14th. And her next one was June 7th, 2001. Her last one was May 14th, 2003.

She married Brent Jason Danley who she met, I think, in college. She married him a few years before her first child. She changed her last name in 2009 from Danley to Uhler.

She is very special because she is just like me in many ways. I am interested in the human body. And she teaches me lots of interesting things about her social studies for work.

I think my dad will never want to break up with her because he acts like he really likes her.

I love having her around.

My mom is fantastic at cooking. Especially the grilled cheese sandwiches. She cooks almost everything.

I love my mom.

Kirsten: My Mother

My mother is one of the sweetest, most selfless and caring persons I know. She is quick to drop everything to help someone in need. I know her love for me is unconditional. No matter how different our opinions, beliefs, and viewpoints are; her love, support, and wish for my happiness is unwavering.

I was always quiet and pretty closed emotionally. I had a difficult time opening up and expressing my feelings while I was growing up. My mother could always tell when something was bothering me, and she would sit and wait very patiently until I was ready to talk.

I love that my mom introduced me to classical music; she constantly had it playing. I think this is how I came to appreciate it so much. I love that she was always home when we returned from school. I enjoyed cooking and baking with her, and I’m grateful that she passed to me her fervor and knowledge. I appreciate the way she dealt with my sisters and I when we bickered and fought; she would sing us, either “Love at Home,” or “Let Us Oft Speak Kind Words To Each Other.” Though we acted annoyed by this, her approach was effective.

I love my mom. She has been a wonderful example and I am grateful for her tremendous love, support, and encouragement.

Skye: My Mother

I love my mother because she helps me when I need help and keeps me safe. She is also a great mother to my sisters. I can always count on her. She is the one for me.

My mom helps me do my homework. If I have a problem that is too hard, she can help me solve that problem. Another way she helps me solve my problems is when the girls and I are getting in a fight. She always helps deal with those problems. I am so glad she helps me.

My mother also keeps me safe. She keeps me safe by telling me to brush my teeth morning and night so I don’t get cavities. My mother also tells me not to go in the road by myself so I don’t get hit by cars. I’m so glad she keeps me safe.

I’m glad I have a wonderful, spectacular, awesome, sweet, caring, loving mother. I love visiting my mom at work. I am also glad that my mom does things for me that she doesn’t have to do.


Kirsten: What I Like About Maine

New England is awesome. I love all the history, culture, and architecture. We live less than two hours from the amazing city of Boston. I appreciate the liberal and progressive mentality of the people here. The climate is perfect with wonderfully diverse seasons. Autumn is my favorite, and the foliage in New England is spectacular!

lobsterI especially love being a Mainer. I enjoy watching the ocean vessels and watching the lobster men work. Rockland, Maine is the lobster capital of the world, hosting an annual lobster festival. Now that is something to be excited about! I used to hate seafood (I grew up in the Midwest). Now I love it. Gilbert’s Chowder House in Portland serves wicked delish seafood chowda!

I enjoy the camping here, as well as the wide variety of hiking trails–ranging from the marsh, the woods, and to the coast. I never tire of going to the rocky coast with the many different lighthouses, the gorgeous view, the fascinating geological rock formations, and the sounds of the crashing waves and seagulls. I find it quite therapeutic. I like going to the sandy beach in the summer to relax. It’s the perfect place to read, observe people, hang out with my best friend Brent, and watch the girls play.

I love that there are so many towns in Maine with their own unique and authentic character and charm; they haven’t been overtaken by suburban cookie-cutter homes and big-box businesses. The entire state is beautiful with the many lakes and mountains. Even the drive on the turnpike is lovely, lined with tall trees and an absence of billboards (Maine, Alaska, Hawaii, and Vermont are the only four states which ban billboards). I am still waiting to see my first moose.

Brent: What I Like About Maine

mainemapI love Maine for many reasons. It’s the nicest place I’ve ever lived.

We have an ocean and mountains and lakes and woods and lighthouses. We have real seasons. I love to see the first snows of winter, see the new buds on the trees in spring, visit the hot sandy beach in summer, and photograph the beautiful foliage in autumn.

We have excellent hiking trails and beautiful islands around which to kayak.

I also love the proximity to Boston, New York and Montreal.

New Englanders are smarter than the people in other regions of the country. That’s a relief, for sure!

Skye: What I Like About Maine

I was excited to move to Maine because I have lived in Kansas for about eight years. After living here I discovered many reasons why I like Maine.

I like to go camping. It gives me the opportunity to make new friends. Once I made two new friends named Amber and Faith. We went fishing together. We all got big sticks and buoy string and tied them together. We used marsh mellows for the bait. I also like camping because you get to sleep in tents and roast marsh mellows and hot dogs on sticks.

Another thing I like about Maine is the weather. In the winter there is a lot of snow to build snowmen and go sledding. It is also not too cold. In the Summer it’s not too hot and it’s fun to play outside. I also like to play at the beach. I especially enjoy digging holes and riding my boogie board. I also like autumn because you can jump in piles of leaves and the temperature is just right. Not too hot and not too cold

Something else I like about Maine is the climate. In Kansas there was nothing as glamorous as anything in Maine. In Maine we have beautiful sights such as; mountains, beaches, oceans, forts, and lighthouses.

Those are the reasons I like Maine.

Interview: Brent and Hayley

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Brent: What is so great about Family Night?

Hayley: I think it’s so great because we can all get together and have a time to be together and, like, spend time with each other.
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