Interview: Hayley and Kirsten

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Hayley: Would you rather be rich or poor?

Kirsten: Rich.

Hayley: If there only could be one animal on earth, what would it be?

Kirsten: Elephants.

Hayley: If you were stuck on an island what five four things would you bring?

Kirsten: A knife. Something to light fire with. Some kind of blanket or sleeping bag. A laptop with a wireless internet connection.

Hayley: Would you rather be a grown-up or a kid?

Kirsten: I would rather be an adult.

Hayley: What would it be like to be a boy?

Kirsten: I’d probably be messier. I’d probably like sports more. I’d be rougher. I probably wouldn’t be so sensitive.

Hayley: Would you rather be lightning or thunder?

Kirsten: Lightning, because I could make electricity.

Hayley: Would you rather be rain or snow?

Kirsten: Snow, because it’s pretty and you can see the crystals. And it could melt and turn into water.

Hayley: Would you rather be a mouse or an elephant?

Kirsten: An elephant, because it’s bigger and more powerful.

Hayley: Would you rather be an insect or a person?

Kirsten: I’d rather be a person.

Hayley: Would you rather be a servant or a princess?

Kirsten: A princess and be served by a servant.

One thought on “Interview: Hayley and Kirsten”

  1. Hi Guys,Awww Haley was adorable i cant believe she can read!
    Brents kinda scared me with the naked woman.
    I loved the interviews though!
    You should teach me how lol

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