Jenna: My Mother

My mother is very good when she draws. She works at Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine. I love my mom because she is very helpful.

She was born in the nineteen thousands. She had her first child in 1999, September 14th. And her next one was June 7th, 2001. Her last one was May 14th, 2003.

She married Brent Jason Danley who she met, I think, in college. She married him a few years before her first child. She changed her last name in 2009 from Danley to Uhler.

She is very special because she is just like me in many ways. I am interested in the human body. And she teaches me lots of interesting things about her social studies for work.

I think my dad will never want to break up with her because he acts like he really likes her.

I love having her around.

My mom is fantastic at cooking. Especially the grilled cheese sandwiches. She cooks almost everything.

I love my mom.

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  1. This is a great post, Jenna! I do think you and I are a lot alike. I enjoy learning things with you!

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