Skye: School Year 2008-2009

I had an awesome year in school from September 2008 to June 2009. I enjoyed the time I was able to spend with my friends. I’m going to miss my fourth grade year but I have some great memories.

I was in the fourth-grade gifted and talented (G.T.) math and reading program every Monday this past year. The purpose of G.T. is to challenge the students who aren’t learning that much in math and reading. Mr. Reinhartsen (Mr. R) is my gifted and talented teacher. I enjoyed learning how to calculate the area of a circle and a triangle. To find the area of a triangle, you multiply the height times the width and then divide by two. To find the area of a circle, you first multiply the radius by itself. Then multiply that answer by pi. It’s very simple. Mr. Reinhartsen began putting me in fifth-grade math G.T. on Wednesdays in addition to my Monday G.T. because I’m especially good at math. It was fun to see my older friends from my previous 3rd/4th-grade multi-age class. I LOVE G.T.!

I learned a lot in science this school year. Some interesting topics I learned about were evaporation, condensation, precipitation, water, life cycles, and more. We did some experiments with water and saw what happened when we added salt and food coloring. We also observed the life cycle of a meal worm and learned that meal worms grow into beetles. It was very fascinating.

Daddy drove me to school with my float.
Daddy drove me to school with my float.
We had a social studies project in which we each learned about a different state and built a float. I was assigned Arizona. I couldn’t come up with any ideas so my dad helped me. We ordered a flag and downloaded lots of pictures from the internet. I knew my project was going to be really good, and I enjoyed making it with Daddy. The day I was supposed to present my project I was really nervous, but excited at the same time. I was especially nervous because Mr.Young, the principal, and Mrs. Lamothe, the vice principal, were going to watch the presentation. Mrs. Walton called out the first name: “Skye!” I took a deep breath and stood up. I walked to the front of the room and told them all about my state. I memorized almost everything! At the end everyone clapped, and I whispered to myself, “Hooray!” I knew I did a good job! My motto is: Believe in yourself.

We read a book in my class called “Farmer Boy” by Laura Ingalls Wilder. We then went on an “olden days” field trip to Old York Historical Society. Because the book was based in the 1800s, we dressed up in clothes from that time period. Mrs.Walton took lots of pictures of me in my cute outfit. My class and I got to see some of the games people played in the 1700s, such as playing hoops and spinning tops. We also walked on stilts, baked cookies, smashed sheep wool, and saw what a motel (tavern) and a school house looked like back then. I had a great time.

One lovely Tuesday afternoon I walked with my class to Dairy Queen. My friend Emily was my walking partner. I ordered a large chocolate chip cookie dough blizzard. Emily and I sat together on a bench and ate our ice cream. It tasted really good and felt refreshing in the hot sun. On our way back to school, Emily and I talked about ice cream. It was a wonderful day.

Dad and Mom started letting me occasionally walk or ride my scooter to school instead of riding the bus. I love scooting to school by myself! One sunny day as I was getting ready to scoot to school, Jenna came down and asked if she could walk to school with me. I told her she could come if it were okay with Mom. Jenna ran upstairs fast because she was so excited! Then Hayley came down and said, “Mom said I could come too!” As we walked I taught them the safety rules of traffic, and we sang and skipped. Hayley and Jenna took turns riding my scooter. When we arrived at Fairfield (Jenna’s and Hayley’s school) I kissed them on the head, said good-bye, and scooted to Burns school. I had so much fun.

Every day at lunch I couldn’t wait to see what we were having. My favorite meals in the cafeteria are nachos, tacos, mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce, and macaroni with beef. The lunches are really good, and I like them. If I could change one thing about lunch it would be amount of time to eat. We usually have twenty minutes to eat, but I would change that to forty minutes.

I have many good friends who I will always remember. Andrea has been my best friend for over two years now. She has always been there when I needed her. We have many good memories together and in my heart she will always be my best friend. Dean has been a good friend to me too. I enjoyed the times we spent playing together at recess and sitting together at lunch time. Brandon is a nice boy who taught me tricks on the scooter. We played Frisbee and tag together. Plus, he is cute.

Mrs. Walton helps Meredith carve her pumpkin.
Mrs. Walton helps Meredith carve her pumpkin.

My teacher, Mrs. Walton, was a very sweet and caring teacher. She had good control of the class and she made learning fun. I like that she gave us bubble gum on special occasions, although we were not allowed to chew it outside the classroom. Everybody in my class wants her for our fifth grade teacher–including me–but the time comes when you have to move along. I can’t wait until next year when I will meet new friends and get to know my new teacher. Good-bye fourth grade and hello fifth grade!

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