A Saturday In Maine

This past Saturday we headed out early to Lisbon Falls, Maine where we watched the Moxie Festival parade. After the parade we spent several hours at Fort Williams State Park where the girls played on the rocks while Kirsten and I read and talked.

We’ve had so many rainy days this summer it is almost a requirement that we spend non-rainy days engaged in outdoor activities. :)

The Moxie Festival Parade in Lisbon Falls, Maine
The Moxie Festival Parade in Lisbon Falls, Maine

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Harry Potter Extravaganza

Harry Potter Books

The Dyer Library here in Saco hosted a Harry Potter Extravaganza: a film premier party for the upcoming “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.” Jenna was especially excited about it because she has been reading and enjoying the Harry Potter series. She just started the seventh and final book, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.”

The Harry Potter Extravaganza was well done, and the girls had a good time. They had their fortunes told by Professor Trelawney, played games, colored Harry Potter pictures, and made wands. Hayley dressed as Hermione Granger, Jenna dressed up as Cho Chang, and Skye as Ron Weasley. The girls even convinced me to dress up as Professor McGonagall.

Cho, Ron, and Hermione
Cho, Ron, and Hermione

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Jenna: School Year 2008-2009

Jenna and her second grade teacher, Miss Holland
Jenna and her second grade teacher, Miss Holland

I was shy before on the first day. On the first day I recognized some of my friends from last year. They were all second graders. We were still multi-age.

When weeks strolled by I started to get to know my class. We celebrated lots of birthdays, did fun stuff on holidays, and we went to lots of field trips (our first fieldtrip was to Snell’s Apple Farm).

Being a second grader is not so difficult, at least, for me. My teacher was Ms Holland. Mrs. Duffy is the school counselor in second grade. I did more things with Mrs. Duffy. She even asked me to be pen pals with her! I knew I’d love to be in second grade.

I spent lots of time with Bryn, a girl in my class (B-r-i-n, you say it like that).

One of my favorite parts of the year is when we went snowshoeing at school. We had about five pajama days! Guess lots of people love wearing p.j.s!

I got good reports every time of year.

I liked going to the art museum next to Dyer Library in Saco. I was so impressed with the art.

At the end of the year I liked going to Burns and meeting my teacher for next year, Mr. Goff. I will be in room number 1. This was my last year at Fairfield. I learned a lot.

Brent: My Mother

Kathy Longacre
Kathy Longacre

My mother is tops, for sure. She has never–even once–given me reason to question her love and devotion. She hasn’t just given all she has to her kids, she’s found a way to get for them what she doesn’t have. There could be none better.

My mom grew up in Anchorage, Alaska with her four younger brothers. She lives her life to the fullest extent possible and doesn’t let anything get in the way of achieving her dreams. She lives most of the year in Denver, Colorado where she likes to go out dancing and to ski. She also loves to travel and does so whenever she can. During the summer months she lives at her cabin in Wasilla, Alaska.

My mother is an inspiration. Her love is unconditional, as every parents’ should be. She lives life for all the right reasons, loves her friends, pursues her dreams, and uses her resourcefulness and tenacity to achieve her goals.

She blogs (kathylongacre.com), too. :)

I love you, Mom.