Jenna: School Year 2008-2009

Jenna and her second grade teacher, Miss Holland
Jenna and her second grade teacher, Miss Holland

I was shy before on the first day. On the first day I recognized some of my friends from last year. They were all second graders. We were still multi-age.

When weeks strolled by I started to get to know my class. We celebrated lots of birthdays, did fun stuff on holidays, and we went to lots of field trips (our first fieldtrip was to Snell’s Apple Farm).

Being a second grader is not so difficult, at least, for me. My teacher was Ms Holland. Mrs. Duffy is the school counselor in second grade. I did more things with Mrs. Duffy. She even asked me to be pen pals with her! I knew I’d love to be in second grade.

I spent lots of time with Bryn, a girl in my class (B-r-i-n, you say it like that).

One of my favorite parts of the year is when we went snowshoeing at school. We had about five pajama days! Guess lots of people love wearing p.j.s!

I got good reports every time of year.

I liked going to the art museum next to Dyer Library in Saco. I was so impressed with the art.

At the end of the year I liked going to Burns and meeting my teacher for next year, Mr. Goff. I will be in room number 1. This was my last year at Fairfield. I learned a lot.

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