Kirsten: My Summer 2009

We had a pretty laid back summer. We didn’t go camping or do much hiking, we didn’t travel, and we didn’t have any visitors. But it was a good summer nonetheless.

Despite the abundance of rain we had this summer we enjoyed some trips to the beach and to several lighthouses. Recently we discovered how much fun it is to play catch, whiffleball and baseball. The girls caught on pretty quickly, especially Jenna. She loves it!

We went to Boston a few times and purchased an annual pass for the Museum of Science. We all love it, and we have a great time every time we go. There is always something new to learn. We’ve gone to the Children’s Museum in Portland several times. The annual pass is worthwhile. One of the girls’ favorite things to do there is to dress up and perform on the stage in the theater.

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Skye: My Summer of 2009

I have had a lot of fun this summer. I went to the beach a lot, and enjoyed playing in the water. Hayley and I also made sand castles of Boston. Hayley made the Science Museum and the Swan boats. I made a hot dog stand and a subway station. That was fun.

My mom’s co-worker, Jeff, invited everyone from CICU and R9 to a work party. The party took place at his summer house near a lake. Mom took Jenna, Hayley, and I to the work party with her. We had a barbecue and I enjoyed my hot dog. Afterwords, I went down to the lake and played with Stephanie (a girl between Hayley and Jenna’s age). When Jenna and Hayley came down to join us, we all got into Stephanie’s paddle boat. I was in the paddle boat almost the whole time we were there. I kept jumping out of it but I was disappointed when we had to leave. I’m going to have a paddle boat when I grow up.

My mom had brain surgery over the summer. I was sad and happy at the same time. I was sad because I didn’t want her to get hurt and I was happy because I wanted her brain to be healthy. Dad, Hayley, Jenna, and I got to visit mom at the hospital everyday she was there. I sat on the windowsill most of the time reading, listening to my MP3 player, playing 20 questions, or playing sudoku. It’s like I was glued to that spot. Finally, we decided that mom was going to come home. I was so excited! I’m glad the surgery is over.

Skye Is A Sharp Shooter

The past few months I’ve been going through the process of becoming a member of the Scarborough Fish and Game Association. It’s a 177 acre facility with many ranges across many shooting disciplines. Tuesday evening the membership finally voted me in as the newest member. Wednesday evening I took Skye down to the club and shot a paper target on one of the utility ranges. We both had a lot of fun.

Skye was very safe. She listened intently as I briefed her on safety procedures, range rules and firearm operations. She primarily shot with my Ruger Mark III Hunter .22 pistol. When that got heavy she switched to my Glock G26 9mm, but she didn’t like the harder recoil.

Her shots early were high and to the right. After discussing techniques to improve her accuracy she was able to shoot a loose grouping around the center of the target. I was quite proud.

We had a great time. She says she wants to go again, which I think is terrific. She’s an excellent shooter.

Skye was very excited to shoot guns for the first time
Skye was very excited to shoot guns for the first time

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