Kirsten: My Summer 2009

We had a pretty laid back summer. We didn’t go camping or do much hiking, we didn’t travel, and we didn’t have any visitors. But it was a good summer nonetheless.

Despite the abundance of rain we had this summer we enjoyed some trips to the beach and to several lighthouses. Recently we discovered how much fun it is to play catch, whiffleball and baseball. The girls caught on pretty quickly, especially Jenna. She loves it!

We went to Boston a few times and purchased an annual pass for the Museum of Science. We all love it, and we have a great time every time we go. There is always something new to learn. We’ve gone to the Children’s Museum in Portland several times. The annual pass is worthwhile. One of the girls’ favorite things to do there is to dress up and perform on the stage in the theater.

We made many trips to the library and to the park with picnics. We frequented Starbucks, one of our favorite places to hang out and read. They have board games and children’s books there, so the girls really enjoy it. We enjoy their delicious beverages too. My new favorite is the Green Tea Latte.

INTERMISSION (and photos to view):

We always like popcorn and movie nights. The girls like to play “movie theater” and “restaurant.” One night Skye and Hayley were in the living room ready to watch the move “The Pink Panther 2.” Skye asked Jenna, “Are you going to watch the movie with us?” Jenna told her “No.” Skye asked “So why are you in here?” Jenna replied “Because I’m looking to see how dumb it is.”

Brent quit his photography job with Olan Mills and landed a contract position as a software developer with Tri-County Mental Health Services in Lewiston. It’s an hour commute each direction, but it is so much better than Olan Mills in many ways! It’s also giving him good experience for his freelance business. We’re very excited.

Dr. Florman, my neurosurgeon, scheduled a supra orbital craniotomy for me at the end of August, because the transsphenoidal surgery I had in May was unsuccessful in reaching my pituitary tumor. Brent took fantastic care of me. The girls were also great. Not only are they good about taking care of themselves and being independent, but they are always eager to help out and willing to do extra. One day as Hayley was cutting her sandwich with a steak knife, I cautioned her not to cut her fingers. She said, “I’m six, Mom, and I’m a ‘Danler‘. That means I got your and Daddy’s genes. I’m smart and I’m good at cutting with a knife.”

That pretty much sums up our summer here in Maine. The girls and I are back in school, and Brent is busy learning about and starting a web developing freelance business. Clusters of trees have already begun to change color, and the mornings and evenings are feeling cooler. We’re ready for autumn!

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  1. I am glad your surgery is over because we didn’t get to spend a lot of time with each other.

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