Skye: Paradise

My blog assignment for this week was to write about what I would do if I could have paradise. I’d like to travel, ride a boat, spend time with my family, and paint trees in the woods. In my paradise I don’t want people to fight and I want happiness every day.

I would get a motorboat that is the size of a monster truck. My family and I would fill our backpacks and bring the motorboat to the ocean every now and then and ride for a little bit. Hayley, Jenna, and I would stand in the front and feel the wind blow on our faces while playing, “I spy something.” Sometimes I could sit in the back of the boat and read my book, or listen to my MP3 player. I could smell the fresh breeze and dad would take pictures. Lots of pictures.

We’d take an airplane to China and I would snack and read on the way there. When my family and I got off, we would check out the beautiful sights and eat the food. I could make some friends and I would memorize the language. My friends would help me. Maybe I could even see some Chinese animals. It would also be very exciting and neat to stay in a Chinese hotel. I would like to try a sport only played in China.

Every week my family would go mini golfing, bowling, and to the movie theater. At the theater we could go and grab popcorn to bring to any movie without giving the person in charge a ticket. I would like to watch new movies that just came out.

I’d also like to bring art supplies in the woods and draw the trees and nature. I would give away paintings but sometimes I would keep them to put in my own house. My parents and sisters would each get an autographed painting from me.

That is my paradise plan.

Brent: Paradise

My paradise would be a world in which there was general peace, unlimited clean renewable energy, no religion and ubiquitous internet. It wouldn’t be free from struggle and work, because those are the things that make life enjoyable. I would spend most of my time with people I loved and pursuing many research interests. And I would create. And explore.

I’d jump out of airplanes often. And pilot them more often. To cities with libraries and museums.

There are other things my paradise would encompass, but this is a family blog.

An Amazing Day Hiking in Maine

Yesterday was a brilliant Maine day. Temperatures were in the upper 50 °F with partly cloudy skies. Perfect. Kirsten had to work so the girls and I headed out to explore and enjoy the big outdoors.

First we went to nearby Saco Heath Preserve, which is a short 3.6 miles from our house. The hike through the woods and out into the heath were ideal. Skye and Hayley took copious notes on every sensation they experienced, including smell, touch, see and hear. They frequently stopped to sit on the boardwalk to search for frogs or to snack on the trail mix they had each prepared prior to our departure.

Jenna explores the Saco Heath Preserve
Jenna explores the Saco Heath Preserve

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