Fossil Finding

When I grow up, I want to be a palaeontoligist. There’s a lot to being a palaeontoligist and it would probably be hard to find fossils since predators such as lions and tigers come chew up the bones. Then, you wouldn’t have the evidence.

Fossils are the remainings of an animal covered in rock and dirt. Palaeontoligists are the people that dig up these amazing fossils and give them to the museum because the museum gives them money to find them.

Some popular places for a mammal to be dug up, are in a cave, a stream, or a good place where they can be covered without being ruined or eaten by a carnivore. That’s why a lot of palaeontoligists dig in those places. They can find fossils better.

Before they take them to the museum, they study them. When the palaeontoligists find big fossils, they take them apart and put them back together at the museum. It’s like a puzzle. If they are small fossils, they don’t take them apart. It’s a really cool process.

Humans are Apes

Lots of people think that apes we see today are our ancestors. They’re wrong because apes that we see today are our cousins.

You know how you have a family tree with all your uncles, aunts, grandpas, grandmas, dad, mom, brothers, sisters, and cousins? It’s the same with apes. They have a family tree with their different species. We’re on the ape family tree because we are a species of apes. There are hundreds of species of apes. There’s neandertals, australopithecines, paranthropus, homo erectus, homo sapiens, homo antecessor, and a whole bunch of others. Our tree is full of ape species.

Most ape species come from Africa and climb trees. We apes, evolved through time. Instead of walking on four hands and climbing trees, we walk on two feet. It’s amazing how we can get new techniques as we evolve. We apes now have better speech and technology, thanks to evolution.

Mystery: Spontaneously Manifolding Oatmeal

Walking to Starbucks
Walking to Starbucks

This morning our whole family walked to Starbucks in Saco to enjoy the beautiful weather, wonderful Starbucks concoctions, our books and each other. Along the way Kirsten and I demonstrated to Jenna the intricacies of sidewalk navigation and how to be a good and safe pedestrian. It was a glorious morning, and the sun was warming the air to an unseasonably warm temperature.

At Starbucks we ordered our drinks, found some comfortable chairs and began to read, play our iPod/iPhones and talk. It was wonderful. After a little while Hayley looked quite tired, so I offered to hold her on my lap as I read. She squirmed around a bit to get comfortable and dozed off to a restful sleep. Then she puked. All. Over. Me. Where in the hell did all that oatmeal come from, and how did two oatmeal packets turn into quarts of oatmeal vomit?

Hayley resting peacefully
Photo: Kirsten Uhler

Dorothy, a frequent Starbucks customer and barista, kindly got me two clean wet washcloths so I could begin to remedy this embarrassing and completely disgustingly awful situation. When the worst of the vomit was off the chair and floor I went to the bathroom to clean myself. Kirsten had already rushed Hayley off to the women’s restroom so she could continue to purge the putrid oatmeal from her unusually gargantuan stomach.

After the chunks were off my shirt and shorts I walked home to get the car–alone, and soaking wet.

Hayley and I have now showered and life has returned to its usual blissful state. Hayley seems to be feeling well, but is carrying a bowl, just in case.