Brent: 10 Things I Want To Learn In 2011

I endeavor to learn many things in 2011, including:

  1. Epigenetics.
  2. Gametogenesis.
  3. Drupal.
  4. Git.
  5. How to snowboard well.
  6. How to sea kayak safely and efficiently.
  7. Memory, especially the plasticity of and pharmacological manipulation.
  8. Perception.
  9. Calculus.
  10. The psychological basis of religious belief.

3 thoughts on “Brent: 10 Things I Want To Learn In 2011”

  1. That’s an impressive list! Admittedly, I had to look up gametogenesis and Git. Drupal, Git, and calculus don’t interest me so much, but the rest on your list I would enjoy learning. :-)

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